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… Lyell Cresswell’s large-scale piano quintet, “And Every Sparkle Shivering,” in which the group (The New Zealand String Quartet) was joined by virtuoso pianist Richard Beauchamp ... A tour de force of performance can't say better than that. — Michael Tumelty in The Herald

Richard Beauchamp, like Cresswell, a New Zealander resident in Edinburgh, was the marvellous pianist for this performance of the quintet. His was an electrifying presence to add to the already galvanising playing of the quartet. The two Edinburgh gents, ... proved to be one class act. I can imagine a piano concerto from them would be really something. — The View from Holland,  Amsterdam

The virtuosic and sympathetic soloist was Richard Beauchamp. (in Geoffrey King’s Piano Concerto) — The Herald

Stunning performances by Richard Beauchamp ... (Ives’ piano pieces and Piano Trio) — Daily Telegraph

The performance was virtuosic. — Stretto

With vast technical assurance and musical insight, Mr Beauchamp gave a recital (Wigmore Hall) that was almost a capsuled history of piano music, beginning as he did with Haydn, passing on to the early Brahms Sonata Op. 5 (he was somehow able to both control and exploit its bravura explosions) and so to the Cesar Franck Prelude, Chorale and Fugue. It was in the big chordal passages of this work that the performer revealed that the extraordinarily rich tone he commanded could not be explained simply by the hall's fine piano and acoustics. He ended with Prokofiev's Sarcasms, and gave these cryptic statements the bite of a spoken language.
It is a debut like Richard Beauchamp's that the concertgoer remembers after recitals by famous names have faded — perhaps because we go to the latter expecting surprises. — This Week in London

... a most experienced chamber musician ... sustained stylistic playing with deft handling of mood changes and some fine moments of repose. — Weybridge Chronicle.

...the glitter of Debussy’s “Pour le Piano” ... a muscular, brightly coloured, strong sprung account... If there was romance in his playing (of Chopin’s F Minor Ballade) it did nothing to distort a firmly structured performance ... To Chopin’s C Sharp Minor Scherzo he brought ample momentum ... A boldly voiced, unsentimentalised account of Mendelssohn. — Conrad Wilson in The Scotsman

... his fine recital ... his splendid control ... sensitivity and finesse ... neither over sentimentalised nor trivialised. — Edinburgh Evening News

... Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto ... This was a virile performance with a wide expressive range which drew a warm response from the orchestra, especially in the sensitive and perceptive slow movement. — The Scotsman

Geoffrey King’s excellent two piano sonata, performed exuberantly by Richard Beauchamp and David Horne. ...virtuoso performances on piano and saxes by Richard Beauchamp and Dick Lee (in Lyell Cresswell’s “Our Day Begins at Midnight”). — Glasgow Herald

The festival’s main event (Glasgow New Music Festival), in many ways the concert of the year’s first half. Cresswell’s gutsy, formidably crafted sounds were supremely served by Richard Beauchamp’s piano, Dick Lee’s saxophone and Richard Irvine’s narration and the major status of the work (“Our Day Begins at Midnight”) was triumphantly confirmed. Mr Horne was joined by ... Richard Beauchamp for the second, equally glamorous performance of Geoffrey King’s Sonata. — Times Educational Supplement

Then came the evening’s high point: an excellently prepared account of the lush, exuberant Sonata for Two Pianos by ... Geoffrey King. (The Almeida Festival) — The Times

... a short, dazzlingly animated Sonata for Two Pianos by Geoffrey King brilliantly dispatched by Richard Beauchamp and ... David Horne. ... a formidable Richard Beauchamp again (in Cresswell’s “Our Day Begins at Midnight”) — Times Educational Supplement

(Geoffrey King’s Two Piano Sonata) brilliantly expounded by Richard Beauchamp and David Horne. — The Scotsman

Powerful performances (Cresswell) ... flawlessly executed by Richard Beauchamp and David Horne (King) ... a frenzy of excitement and exhilaration interspersed with moods of tranquillity ... — The Herald

A brilliant Piano Sonata by Geoffrey King, brilliantly played by Richard Beauchamp and David Horne. — Edinburgh Evening News

A dynamic and thrustful performance of Stockhausen’s “Kontakte.” — Daily Telegraph

The sight of Richard Beauchamp, strikingly clad in a scarlet shirt, darting from gong to grand piano brought another element of theatricality to the performance. The moment at the heart of the work when pianist and percussionist loudly united was rightly splendid. (“Kontakte”) — The Scotsman

Richard Beauchamp made a success out of Mr King’s four succinct, well characterised pieces, Op12. — The Scotsman

Richard Beauchamp demonstrated his known skills fully in some Brahms ... and accompanied cellist John Todd handsomely in Beethoven’s Op 5 No 1 and Bridge’s very fine Sonata. — Edinburgh Evening News

... the songs of Fauré, whose fastidious elegance was realised in full measure by singer and pianist. — The Scotsman

Harper’s “Fantasia IV” ... received an exhilarating performance in which Nigel Murray and Richard Beauchamp articulated the important solo violin and piano parts with great assurance. — The Scotsman

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